vira vaccine shaya

We always take steps to serve the health of the community in regard to global innovations and the eradication of infectious and dangerous animal diseases and also producing safe and effective vaccines for domestic animals and livestock, and providing high-quality products.


Vira Vaccine Shaya Co., as a knowledge-based company, was established in 2016 under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the scope of pharmaceutical products manufacturing in the form of veterinary vaccines and is active via the presence of the experienced specialists in veterinary vaccine production field.

This company was put into operation by producing the first essential and strategic vaccine required by Iran and the globe called Peste des Petits Ruminants Vaccine (PPRV) and succeeded to achieve the GMP certificate from Iran Veterinary Organization and is developing the product portfolio by using the latest related technologies.


Products Spotlight

See some of the products, Vira Vaccine Shaya company has manufactured to prevent and treat the livestock diseases more quickly, simply and effectively.