The export department of Vira Vaccine Shaya Co., with the purpose of presenting in international trade with a disciplined, specialized, and organized approach has been taking steps in this path which the principal core of the export department is to present in the neighboring countries’ markets, success in increasing the products value chain and opening a new window.

In this purpose, the main concentration of the export department is to penetrate the European, Asian, and African countries, which will lead to stronger and more prominent presence in new markets. For this purpose, the export unit, consisting of experienced and expert individuals in the field of international trade, by examining the markets of the target countries, establishing strong relationships with organizations, companies and related people in the field of livestock vaccines, to enter the world trade markets.

Also, the export team has taken effective measures through traveling to foreign markets, presenting in the international exhibitions, meetings and conferences and has succeeded to export a significant amount of livestock vaccines to Pakistan and Uganda countries.