Export is affected by international, political, economic relations and different cultures in different countries, therefore, entering the international arena requires experience, skill and specialized knowledge, which along with precision, patience and a specific strategy to pass through this complex and difficult path will be completed successfully .The export department of Vira Vaccine Shaya company, with the aim of participating in international trade has taken steps in this way with a regular, specialized and organized approach officially since 1400 which the core of its strategy is presence in the market of neighboring countries, success in increasing the value chain of the products being offered in the market and opening a window in new markets. Also, the main focus of the export department is to gain influence in Asian and African countries, which will bring a stronger and bolder presence in new markets. In the export department, market analysis is done in a specialized way for the target countries, potential markets and customer position are evaluated and an operational plan is developed for them, the legal and tax situation in export processes is considered and mixed policies including financial incentives, increasing access to global markets and updating export market reports are used to monitor real-time global export status .It is hoped, expanding the amount of exports will not only lead to an increase in the company’s income and assets, but will also have a significant impact on foreign exchange and the economic growth of Iran.