Technical Engineering

The technical and engineering unit of Vira Vaccine Shaya company, since its establishment with the use of expert technical and engineering staff, including experienced engineers and technicians in the design, control, installation and maintenance of all the production devices and facilities of the company seeks to reach the highest efficiency percentage of devices and also to create an environment with favorable conditions for production. Participating in the company’s policies and plans, in line with long-term and short-term strategic goals for the development of production infrastructure is one of the duties of this unit. Vira Vaccine company, by implementing the repairs and preventive maintenance (PM) program on all its production devices and facilities, tries to provide superior quality products by reducing the interruption in the production process due to repairs. It should be noted that all devices, including production and facilities, have been designed and built with the GMP principles. The combination of GMP and PM standards of devices and their implementation in a principled way in this company promises to place Vira Vaccine company among the top livestock vaccine producers. This leading, creative, active and cooperative unit, with a developmental approach and committed to professional ethics, equipped and proficient in technical knowledge of world’s standards and engineering, value and improving methods and benefiting from modern management and research and development systems has continuous activity to apply the rational, quality, productive and profitable advancement of the company’s projects and activities.