Supply Chain

The commercial unit of Vira Vaccine Shaya company, as the first principle of the goods supply chain, supplies the raw materials, essentials, equipment, machinery and packaging items by using all valid domestic and international capacities that are usable in the pharmaceutical and related industries.

One of the most basic elements of producing quality products and providing customers satisfaction is to supply of raw materials, essentials and packaging items with the best quality and the most suitable price from reliable domestic and international sources.

The commercial unit of Vira Vaccine Shaya company consists of professional and experienced individuals in the field of product supply, to achieve the company’s major goals and fulfill their mission, by identifying and establishing direct and stable relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, to provide the highest quality raw materials. and the most appropriate price and standard conditions of transportation directly and without intermediaries from domestic and foreign suppliers.

Participating in the valid international exhibitions, using the knowledge and experiences of pharmaceutical and related industries and the latest news and innovations in the domestic and international fields, including the actions of this unit and regarding to obtain the best raw materials for producing of quality products to achieve the aims of the company.