Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a wide-ranging concept and solution that includes all matters which will affect product quality. Quality assurance by applying control strategies from the beginning to the end of the product production process ensures that the production processes are carried out repeatedly and in the form of a controlled process. In this regard, strategies such as design quality authentication (DQ), installation quality authentication (IQ) and performance quality authentication (OQ, PQ) are carried out to use production equipment and perform periodic calibrations. Also, in order to identify the Critical Process Parameters and Critical Quality Attributes of the work process validation strategy are engaged in activities through the quality team under the supervision of the quality assurance unit. Other actions such as validation of cleaning and validation of analysis methods will be very effective in realizing the removal of effective elements to cause possible discrepancies. The quality assurance team, while creating a targeted system in the establishment of a quality and monitoring system, follows the various requirements contained in international guidelines such as ICH, WHO, PIC/S, FDA and EU, USP,… pharmacopoeias and plans to carry them out by creating and maintaining documents in accordance acts with the correct principles of documentation (GDP). The quality assurance system established in Vira Vaccine Company uses all its efforts to check the risk-based processes related to the supply of raw materials, intermediate and final products and the supply of products to the market.